Supplements For Cats – What Your Cat Needs and Why They Are Important

Supplements For Cats – What Your Cat Needs and Why They Are Important

For those of you who have wondered why your cat has become overweight, the answer lies in the fact that it has not taken any supplements for cats. It is simply because their diets have not contained any nutrients to counter the excess energy intake by the cat. Most owners think if they add a supplement to their cat’s food then it will help but this is a misconception. As a matter of fact, adding vitamins and nutrients to your cat’s diet can actually even make the problem worse!

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Many pet parents think that giving their pet supplements will give them more energy. Well, this may be true to a certain extent. But, there are other benefits that vitamins and minerals provide for our pets. Cats get sick as much as dogs and this is one reason why the use of pet supplements for cats is important. Some of the common types of illnesses that could affect cats include ear infections, skin disorders, flea bite allergies, and nutritional deficiencies.

The most important health problem that affects cats is obesity. This can be treated with a change in the cat’s diet. The first thing that should be done is to add some fatty fish to their diet. Fatty fish contains essential fats that our pets need. If you already have some fatty fish in your house, then you can just cook or boil these fatty fish in water for a few minutes so that they retain the essential oils. This is the safest way to provide your pets with omega fatty acids.

Fish containing essential fatty acids are great because they are a very good source of vitamin E and D. Also, they contain vitamin A, thus helping maintain the health of the eyes, skin, and coat of our cats. Another type of cat food that your pet needs to receive is those rich in protein. We have all heard of the benefits of fish oil. Well, fish oil is also very beneficial to our pets because it contains essential proteins, which help them digest and absorb their diet properly. Cat owners who feed their pets high-quality cat food usually get more energetic and healthy cats than those who feed their pets low-quality cat food.

Aside from providing them with great fish oil, cats can also benefit from consuming cod liver oil, which contains the essential fatty acid EPA. Cod liver oil is rich in EPA which helps reduce inflammation and pain in cats. It can also prevent heart disease and arthritis. Aside from that, another nutrient that cats need from their diet is phosphorous. Phosphorous helps maintain bone strength and bone mass.

In addition to giving them nutritional supplements, you can also give your cat supplements containing EPA and DHA. These two nutrients help build up the muscles, bones, and other tissues of your cat. Cat owners who give their pets fish oil along with supplements containing EPA and DHA are often observed to have younger and healthier cat babies compared to those who don’t give such supplements. You can choose among various fish oils that contain these nutrients. Some of these include Alaskan salmon oil, cod liver oil, and tuna fish oil.

Taurine is another nutrient that your cat needs to stay healthy. Taurine is often found in low doses in commercial cat food. But, you can give your cat a taurine-rich food diet, which will enable them to retain energy and prevent them from feeling tired.

Last but not least, you should provide your cat with a daily dose of vitamin A supplements. Vitamin A helps maintain the health of your cat’s eyes and the form of teeth. Moreover, this vitamin can prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration as well. However, if you want to give your cat a vitamin A supplement, you should give him small amounts only and do not give him large doses at once. Similarly, Vitamin B supplements can be given to help maintain good eyesight and prevent cataracts.

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