The Eleaf Mini IStick- Best Vaporizers

The Eleaf Mini iStick 10 Wireless Mod is 100% original in quality and style! This mod is truly the smallest replica of its big brother, the iStick 20 Wireless Mod. Although this mod is tiny in size, it captures the very same features that make this mod so amazing. The exclusivity of the Eleaf Mini iStick 10 Wireless Mod is its compact sized body and user-friendly power delivery system. These two features alone make this mod a must-have.

The Eleaf mini iStick comes complete with an atomizer, charger and an atomizer head that are compatible for both spring and non-spring units. The mod also includes a chamber that houses the heater. On the exterior side of this mod, there is a charging station that has four ports. The outer casing of this device is designed to protect the Eleaf iStick while it is charging.


The Eleaf iStick utilizes the AC/DC adapter to convert the power from the battery into AC voltage. This charging process is done by the electronic speed controller, or EPC. The EPC also controls the speed of the motor, which allows the battery to be charged rapidly, but slowly enough so that the temperature does not become unstable. Since the motor controls the speed of airflow through the atomizer, there is a reduced risk of experiencing overheating of the micro USB connector port, which could cause electrical burn-ups.

The mini iStick does not come with a charger, but there is a USB cable that is provided so that the user can plug in and use the product effectively. This mod comes complete with a replacement battery that is capable of giving you sixty minutes of run time. The wattage of this mod is three watts, which is great for those that are looking to get the most power for their dollar. The outer box contains a protective cap for the device as well as an atomizer wrench. The warranty on this product is one year and it is covered by some manufacturer’s guarantees.

The Eleaf iStick has a built in adapter so that it can work with any type of mod that is designed to use the 52mm power supply. Although there is not a large selection of different atomizers available for this unit, the mod does have the ability to support the use of the Enthalipod platform. The two inch build makes this vaporizer mod a great companion for any size user because it is extremely portable and lightweight. The ability to adjust the temperature is something that most users will be able to live with.

One of the best features of the Eleaf iStick is the LED digital display on the front panel. The screen is easy to read and provides accurate information about the battery’s voltage level, wattage, temperature, and other vital statistics. Some users may be interested in viewing the temperature of the battery while it is charging, but the LED display is also useful for the Eleaf itself. The company does provide a lot of customer service options via their website, which includes help forums and reviews. The Eleaf mini iStick is a great vaporizer that provides tons of value for its price and will easily fit into anyone’s budget.

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